The Power of Positivity

To quote the author Paulo Coelho, if you really want something so bad, the forces in the universe will conspire for you to achieve it. Being positive attracts the good things and overpowers the bad.

To a dreamer, free-spirited gal like me, that’s a ticket to a world where my dreams would come true. More like a rainbow path of words leading to a pot of gold. It became my mantra everytime I think like the world is against me and my goals seems like the moon in the sky. You can see it and dance under its light, but it remains out of grasp. Believe it or not, the mantra worked. If you exude positiveness, you reap positive energies.

Happy thoughts bring happy results in your life. It also means doing good to other people and treating them like how you want to be treated. We all have our shares of disappointments, heartbreaks and broken dreams but it doesn’t take away our ability to dream. The time will come when everything will fall into place and you’ll wonder why you ever doubted your ability to be happy.

Pink thoughts to everyone! ^_^


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