An Ode to You

Tonight, the stars joined me as the skies were wrapped into the faltering cries that this heart has trapped into a pit only to be resurrected by a mere presence.
A voice, a touch, a memory of a feeling that bounded my eyes, my heart. Your love turned into a something that devoured my existence.

Never has someone taken the reason out of my window where I have so longingly waited for a traveler to offer a song or to fill me up with stories about life & love and trap me with promises of forever.

Tomorrow, I will open my book.
I will open my life where I will be free of the promises of stars and memories that have thwarted
the journey that this existence should fulfill.

Now, I’m on my way to the reasonable abode that this starving heart should go.
Though I hunger for the fruit that is you, I must draw back.
The debris of this travel is only tough as the crumbling walls of Atlantis.
So, these feet must go.

Goodbye, oh sorrow that has forever contained me in an infinite darkness only you can conquer.
Goodbye, oh love that is my only happiness.
You stunned me and I am forever drunken in your love.

Oh love, in you everything goes.
In you, everything ends.

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