Of Memories and Breakups

There would always be that one thing that would remind you of him. You’d hear a song on the radio and the memories will come flashing back like its only yesterday. You walk down the street and you’d remember the walks you have spent with him like his hand is still holding yours. But it wouldn’t take long before you’re slapped back into reality and realize that all of these are just memories. That he isn’t in your life now. That his heart and soul does not belong to you anymore.

And it would hurt so bad you can hardly breathe. It’s like having your heart ripped out of your chest. You’d wish with all your heart to have the chance to hold him again even for just a minute. But a few seconds of him looking at you would be an indulgence even. For flashes of memories would be all you’ll ever have. Love letters with words that he won’t be saying anymore would be all you’ll ever hold.


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